"Beat the Heat!"...Operation SAVE (Sterilization and Vaccination Effort) will be teaming up with PetSmart Charities for the month of February to offer female cat spays for just $20.  To schedule your kitty for this one-time event, call Op SAVE at (501) 455-5400.

Op SAVE's regular pricing is:  Cat spays/neuters are $35 and dog spays/neuters just $65.  Rabies vaccination will be required if no proof of current vaccination is supplied at $10.  Other shots are available at $10 each at the time of the appointment.  The clinic is open Monday-Thursday.

Some financial assistance may be available for those who still cannot afford our low pricing!

We had a veterinarian willing to commit to the project.  We had start-up funding to break ground for our new, self-sustaining low-cost clinic in Little Rock.  And thanks to PetSmart Charities, the funding for the equipment and supplies! 

So here we are!  Operation S.a.V.E. (Sterilization and Vaccination Effort) will open Monday, October 31, 2011 at 11701 Interstate 30, Suite 3, Little Rock, AR 72209.

AFA staff and volunteers scrambled to assist people and animals effected by storms which tore across the state leaving Vilonia, Arkansas in shambles and several areas of the state underwater.  AFA Director Jake Hillard, and MASH Program Director Dian Ladner were some of the first responders allowed into the disaster area by the Faulkner County Sherriff.  Staff and volunteers for AFA and the Faulkner County SPCA began rescue and recovery the morning after the tornado, removing 21 horses, 2 ponies, a donkey, a llama (yes--you read that right) and over 61 dogs in the first two days from harm's way.

Temporary shelters for furry Faulkner County storm victims were established by Faulkner County SPCA and Noah's Wish Foundation. 

AFA continues to respond to calls from residents in Prairie County who have been under evacuation notice due to floods and is currently housing horses, cattle, dogs, cats, chickens and rabbits for residents who have been forced to leave.  We expect more to come as the Mississippi continues to rise throughout May.

After a vote of the Quorum Court February 22, 2001, Pulaski County has asked us to provide spays and neuters and vaccinations to pets of county residents at various locations in and around Little Rock over the next several months.  The costs will be covered by Pulaski County.  AFA proposed a Pet SAVE (sterilization and vaccination effort) program to the Quorum Court after they had been contacted by county employees about our MASH program.

We are hopeful that this will lead to a more permanent and long term solution to the pet overpopulation problem in the county with the largest density of residents in Arkansas.  For just twice the amount invested in this program, AFA or another non-profit could easily establish a full-time low-cost clinic and provide 5000 surgeries a year.

We expect to host the first clinic in early April.  Please contact us if you wish to volunteer or schedule an appointment for your pet.

The new MASH is on the road.  Thanks to generous grants and the efforts or staff and volunteers, AFA's new mobile clinic is on the road.  After years of steady use, the old MASH was finally retired.  The new MASH is larger with a separate surgical room and better accommodations for the staff.

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